The cliffs and crags of the New River region are owned and managed by a variety of different land managers. Many of the climbing resources in the region are under the purview of the National Park Service while others are located on private property, where climbing access is not guaranteed.

Thirty years ago, the handful of climbers who frequented the New River Gorge barely raised the eyebrows of land managers. But today, with the increase of climbing’s popularity, land owners and climbers alike realize the need for responsible management of the resource.

The New River Alliance of Climbers represents everyone that utilizes these climbing resources in the New River Region. NRAC works closely with the National Park Service, Army Corps of Engineers and other land owners to ensure that our climbing areas remain open and accessible. NRAC is also an affiliate and partner of the Access Fund, the nation’s leading climbing advocacy group. The Access Fund provides guidance and support in NRAC’s continued mission to ensure the preservation and accessibility of climbing in the New River region.

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