Never let it be said that NRAC does not know how to throw a party.

The New River Alliance of Climbers is unusual among the nation’s local climbing organizations in that we do not maintain a roster of members. Instead, we consider everybody who climbs, has climbed and wants to someday climb in the New River Gorge region to be our “members.”

The upshot of this is that we don’t have to solicit memberships. Our time is freed up to focus on the issues that matter to climbers—and in many cases to other user groups, as well.

The downside is that we have to find other ways to raise money and support. We do that by hosting the best climber events in the nation. We broke new ground for ten (almost consecutive) years with the renowned New River Climbers’ Rendezvous, but that’s in the past. We never intended to ride that train forever. We have already started a new tradition with (Not) Work Week, when we focus on some much needed trail and crag maintenance, and next year, that event will culminate in the first ever Appalachian Outdoor Film Festival.

What we need from you is simply this: come join us at an event. We promise an amazing time. And if not that, then maybe a little cash donation.

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