NRAC’s stewardship of the New River region’s climbing areas extends to far more than just picking up trash. We also build the best trails anywhere, including the famed Endless Wall Loop Trail, which USA Today recently named the best National Park Day Hike in America.

That’s right. Climbers built it to get to the rock.

Led by our founder and president, Gene Kistler, who trained under the legendary trail-building guru, Jim Angel, NRAC’s trails team continues to up its game with improvements to the Whippoorwill access, risers at Junkyard and most recently, the brand new Tattoo Wall trail. That one turned the worst approach in the Gorge into the best over one amazing (Not) Work Week.

(Not) Work Week is our flagship annual trail building event. Participants get free camping at the American Alpine Club Campground, as well as food and drink for the days they’re (not) working.

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