Appalachian Outdoor Film Fest

Appalachian Outdoor Film Festival

It’s a loooooove raiser.

Tickets go on sale for the 2017 AOFF here on April 1!

The Appalachian Outdoor Film Fest, brought to you by the New River Alliance of Climbers, isn’t just a fundraiser. It’s a love raiser. We’re raising love for life in Appalachia, love for adventure outside and love for each other. Though we are indeed the New River Alliance of CLIMBERS, this is not just about climbing, nor is it just about adventure. It’s about honoring the human spirit in the outdoors through short films. If you’re a film maker, aspiring or otherwise, we invite you to do so with us. We will welcome films of the air, the land, the water and any other element you can think of. Strength in diversity! Fun in film! Here’s more!

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What makes the AOFF different?

1.Our Festival has a pace that won’t leave you yawning.

2. We’re against captive audiences. No film is longer than 13 minutes, and no two films are even remotely alike.

3. We break our films up with (very brief) interviews with the film makers, so attendees are never stuck in zone-out mode for an extended period of time.

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