Submit a Film for 2018

Appalachian Outdoor Film Festival

Submissions are (unofficially) open for 2018. Wanna do it again?

The 2018 Appalachian Outdoor Film festival will be on May 19 at the Historic Fayette Theater in Fayetteville, WV. To submit a film for 2018, please read the submission guidelines, and then fill out the form below.

  • Your film must be shorter than 13 minutes, including lead-ins and credits.
  • You must be legally able to transfer copyrights for your film and its audio to the New River Alliance of Climbers, so we can display your film at the premier and include it in the touring festival.
  • If your film is accepted into the AOFF, you will be required to supply an H.264 file in either mp4 or mov at minimum 720p.
  • If your film is accepted into the AOFF, it will be required to begin and end with a black screen.
  • In it’s final form, your film will be allowed no more than 10 seconds after the final shot to roll credits.
URL where we can view your video:*
Brief description of your video:*
If TRUE, type YES in the space provided: I certify that I can assign copyrights for all images and audio in this film to the New River Alliance of Climbers, so they can market, sell and give away it away as part of the Appalachian Outdoor Film Festival before and after May 21, 2016.


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